Welcome to UpNext!

Create your modern full-stack SAAS application through a Visual Studio Code Extension

The UpNext extension doing what it does best.

Less setup, faster to work

A comprehensive, open-source Visual Studio Code extension offering an all in one command for creating Next.js application with SaaS functionality.

UpNext delivers all of the features needed to jumpstart your application including end to end CRUD functionality, authentication, payments/billing and more.

Our boilerplate uses the industry tech stack, making your application scalable and secure.

In order to remedy the delay of creating a SaaS application, we've included for developers a full tech stack so a engineer can kickstart the project with little to no setup! The frameworks/libraries that are included:

Next, React, GraphQL, Apollo, Prisma, OAuth, Stripe, and TypeScript.

Stripe Integration

The UpNext team believes that the Stripe library is the perfect solution for online transactions.

The lifeblood of any SaaS application is the payment process. The UpNext extension has already preconfigured stripe integration into your application so that you can immediately get started working on your business logic.

OAuth Authentication

Using the library provided by NextAuth, we have provided the ability to login through different providers such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and many others.

Setting up NextAuth is easy as users only need to create new providers within the provided auth API endpoint, as well as providing the API keys in the .env file for OAuth to run the verification. To learn more about this process, please refer to the NextAuth docs here:


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